Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Sharon Wegner-Larsen, the creator behind OMEGAFAUNA. I make original paintings and illustrations in pencil, ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint. Common themes in my work include science, discovery, mythology, and time. I live with my husband and our budgie in a little home in the little city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, surrounded by field, prairie, and wide open sky.



My work explores and questions genres, categorization, and academic divisions. I enable fine art painting and illustration to mix, and high art and low art to mingle. I step over the boundaries dividing art and science and set them free to play together.

A background in both graphic design and painting has guided me to search out ways of uniting applied art and fine art. To me, an effective and appealing t-shirt design or a painting made purely for art’s sake are equally worthy pursuits.

I bring colorful painterly experimentation together with elements of scientific illustration and diagrams, striving to create a dialogue between art and science. I’m interested in the ways in which these fields are elegantly complementary. Art and science both grant us the ability to see the unseen and traverse the unknown. Art and science each have their own methods of teaching and informing us, and together they allow us to explore, visualize, and understand the world and the human condition in uniquely profound ways.

My inspiration is fed by natural history, natural phenomena, the human spirit of discovery and adventure, imagination, myth, and the mysterious nature of existence. My work is conceived in awestruck moments of curiosity and wonder. I hope to express and pass along this state of joyful curiosity to viewers.


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