Autumn Equinox

Autumn Collie Card

Happy fall season to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere today (and a happy spring to the Southern Hemisphere)!

My Autumn Collie illustration that I created for a calendar last year is available as a greeting card in my Etsy shop. It’s printed on high quality natural off-white card stock and comes with a recycled kraft envelope. The original piece was drawn in black ink on paper and colored digitally.

Artist Reception at Rehfeld’s Art & Framing

Rehfeld's Artist Reception 2016

A huge thank you to everyone who came to Rehfeld’s Art & Framing for my First Friday featured artist reception! It was a perfectly beautiful summer evening downtown and a fantastically busy day for the arts in Sioux Falls. What a night!

Rehfeld's Art & Framing Artist Reception 2016

I did some live watercolor painting during the reception. I didn’t get very far but that’s a good thing – it means I was too busy chatting with all the fine folks who stopped in!

Rehfeld's Artist Reception 2016 - Live Painting

If you didn’t make it to the reception, my work will be up front and center in the gallery all month long. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to take a look.


My sincerest gratitude goes to the staff at Rehfeld’s Art & Framing, Book Shop staff, Lucas Lawin (my impromptu photographer for the evening), and my always present and supportive husband, family, and friends. Thank you all!

Stratobowl Set, Stratobowl Rise

Stratobowl Set, Stratobowl Rise
Pencil, acrylic, and glitter on canvas
18 by 24 inches

Before other forms of flight were developed, humanity reached for the sky with balloons. This piece was inspired by South Dakota’s claim to fame in ballooning history, the Stratobowl of the Black Hills!

From the 1930s to 1960s, manned high-altitude balloons were used for important research to understand the earth’s atmosphere and to set new flight altitude records. A few of those groundbreaking flights launched at the Stratobowl! Unmanned high-altitude balloons are still launched daily all across the globe to collect scientific data and take beautiful images of our earth from near space.

(Learn more about the Stratobowl here.)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This new painting will be on display and available for purchase at Rehfeld’s starting on Friday, August 5th. I’ll be tearing myself away from my studio briefly to be present for a reception on that First Friday from 6:00-9:00 pm. I’ll have a mix of some of my favorite works from the past two years up along with several brand new pieces that I’m very excited to show! Not to mention the plethora of other work on display by all the other artists at Rehfeld’s – there will be a lot to take in. More details later on my Facebook page. See you there!

The Relativity of Simultaneity 1

Relativity of Simultaneity 1

I’ve just added this new original to my Etsy store: The Relativity of Simultaneity 1. It didn’t scan very well with the pronounced texture of the paper so I likely won’t be having prints of it made – grab up the original if you like this piece!

I used pen, watercolor, iridescent medium, and colored pencil on archival 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. It’s exactly 4 by 6 inches for easy standard framing.


EDIT: This piece is now available at Rehfeld’s.

JAM 2nd Annual Sweet Art Show

JAM 2nd Annual Sweet Art Show
Promo image by JAM Art & Supplies ^

A few months ago I sat down with Jess Johnson and Amy Jarding of JAM Art & Supplies to take part in their wonderful series of Inspired Interviews. You can read my interview here!

JAM has curated an exhibition showcasing all the artists who have taken part in their interviews in the past year; it’s called the 2nd Annual Sweet Art Show. This event is also this nonprofit organization’s main annual fundraiser that helps fuel their mission all year. Funds raised at the show will jump-start creative reuse summer camps, classes, and workshops for Sioux Falls artists and children. More details on the Facebook event page.

I’ll have a couple of my favorite paintings from the past year up at this one-night-only show! The other artists I’m honored to be showing with are:
Lance Jeske
Trish Mayer
Kevin Caraway
Zach DeBoer
Jeff Ballard
Shaine Schroeder
Reina Okawa
Em Nguyen
Mary Groth

I had a blast at last year’s Sweet Art Show and I’m so ready to eat ice cream and look at all the arts again this time around. If you’re at all interested in the arts in Sioux Falls, you can get involved and support the extremely generous and kind people at JAM Art & Supplies by simply stopping by this event, enjoying art and good company, and leaving a donation if you can. Every single dollar counts!

See you Friday, Sioux Falls!

Art Maze Mural Photos

Winter Weaving Wyverns

This is a belated post to share some photos of my mural from the huge Sioux Falls Art Maze event of last month!

This event turned out to be nothing short of EPIC – I have trouble even finding the right words to describe it! In the course of one month, about 50 Sioux Falls artists transformed an entire office building into a massive diverse art installation, with murals, pop-up galleries, sculptural installations, musical performances, and so much more. Over 3,000 people came to experience this unique event, the likes of which has never been attempted before in our fair city. Read more about it here.

Art Maze in the Argus

Art Maze in the Argus

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

Winter Weaving Wyverns

I called my finished mural Winter Weaving Wyverns. It started as a small drawing on plain old 8 1/2 by 11 inch sketch paper. I used a projector to transfer the main outlines of the piece onto the wall and then filled in the design around it free-hand. As for the medium, I used interior house paint in a few shades of wintry blues, blue-greens, and blue-whites and a finish of glitter gloss spraypaint. The mural was located in a very large room on the first floor of the four story building, surrounded by other amazing murals created by fellow local artists. It was a space that was used as a band performance area during the event (see topmost photo in this post)….how awesome is that? The answer is super incredibly awesome!

This post is more focused on my process for the mural – for photos of the big event itself, check out my Flickr album.

Keep your eyes on Exposure Gallery & Studios for even more photos and updates. Also, Zach DeBoer, the driving force behind the Art Maze, shared some after-the-event thoughts here!


On a personal note, I want to thank my husband Tim, my dear friends Britney (pictured in one of the above photos) and Lyndsey, my brother Mark and sister-in-law Emily, and colleague Dave – each of them directly lent their help and support for my mural in various ways and it wouldn’t have happened without them!

Art Maze in Downtown Sioux Falls

Art Maze

Poster design by Leslie Cotton ^

Over 50 local artists are involved in transforming an entire office building into an art installation! I’ve been working on a large mural in this space that can be viewed for two nights ONLY before the building is gutted. Sioux Falls has never seen anything like this before – don’t miss it!

Follow Exposure Gallery & Studios for updates, and the Facebook event page has full details.

Mural Process

Photos from Sioux Falls ARTmart

A blue whale sized thank you to everyone who came out to the first ever Sioux Falls ARTmart. Hope you had as much fun as I did! And as always, an extra special thanks to those of you who exchanged your hard earned dollars to take a little bit of my work home with you – you make it all worthwhile!


I was completely overwhelmed and amazed by how much great work in so many mediums and varieties was representing at ARTmart! I was dying to buy so many things but had to hold back. I came home with a new batch of business cards to add to my card collection of favorite local artists, and an original ink piece by Galacia Barton that I can’t wait to frame and add to the wall. Clockwise from top left: Amanda Ahlstrom, Eric Atkisson, Merecedes Nelson, Joe Schaeffer, Diana Behl, Andrew Kosten, aaand the bright orange in the middle, Molly O’Connor.

This event was organized by Exposure Gallery & Studios – follow their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for information on future art events like this one!